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  • Got Sole: Nike Dunk Ski Hi City Pack
    Got Sole: Nike Dunk Ski Hi City Pack Wednesday, March 27, 2013, Nike will be dropping a gem for the ladies. The Nike Dunk Ski Hi City Pack, that features five wedge sneakers in uniquely special styles that represent five of the different fashion forward areas of the world. The Nike Dunk Ski Hi “London” is featured in red plaid with a green patent leather swoosh. Definitely might make you feel like listening to the Beetles… Now when thinking of Milan, Italy what comes to mind is plush leather shoes and bags while sitting in a fine cappuccino shop & these Nike Dunk Ski Hi “Milan” are nothing short of that. This sneaker is in all brown croc leather with tan leather accents, sporting a gold swoosh. Fittingly right in all black-errything the Nike Dunk Ski Hi “New York” is featured in metallic snake with pony hair mid…
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  • Spring Whip Appeal: 2013 McLaren P1
    Spring Whip Appeal: 2013 McLaren P1 McLaren definitely has whip appeal with its 2013 McLaren P1 roadster. Powered by a version of the 3.8 litre twin turbo V-8 from the MP4 12C, the P1 also includes a special casting to incorporate an electric motor underneath. The petrol engine develops 727bhp at 75,000 rpms and 530 torque lbs from 4,000 rpms on its own.  While the motor underneath adds an additional 176bhp and 191 tourque lbs instantly that was designed by McLaren's Electronics division. The P1 is equipped with an "IPAS" (instant power assist system) that offers up the electric motor's 176bhp in an instant boost function which adds a sharper throttle response.  This electric motor also aids in gearshift on the 7-speed dual clutch box by applying negative torque at the point of shift instantly which drops the engine's rpms very quickly to the required engine…
    Written on Friday, 22 March 2013 03:52 in Featured 4371 comments Read 24722 times
  • A League Of Their Own: Dominican Baseball
    A League Of Their Own: Dominican Baseball The 2013 World Baseball Classic Championship will be held on Tuesday March 19th in San Francisco, and if you’ve been following the classic you have probably seen the exceedingly joyful Dominican Republic National team. The Dominican Republic team is undefeated in the classic, 6-0, with big wins over the United States and Puerto Rico.“You cannot play baseball without freedom,” Dominican manager Tony Pena said. “You have to have freedom to do whatever you want on the field, provided you don’t break the rules of the game. My players, none of them are breaking the rules of the game. What they are simply doing is enjoying what they love, what they like to do and the way they work, and I’m not going to stop it. This is meant to be enjoyed; they are enjoying it.”Baseball is America’s past time, but…
    Written on Sunday, 17 March 2013 22:56 in Featured 2115 comments Read 16890 times
  • Ronaldo Balkman: From NBA 1st Round Draft Pick to Lifetime PBA Ban
    Ronaldo Balkman: From NBA 1st Round Draft Pick to Lifetime PBA Ban In 2006 the New York Knicks selected Renaldo Balkman with their first round draft pick seemingly placing him at the highest point in his basketball career. Balkman was traded to the Denver Nuggets where he played sparingly for a few years prior to another one year stint with the Knicks for the 2011 – 2012 season. Most recently, Balkman’s career headed overseas to the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) where he played for the Petron Blaze. His last game as a professional against the Alaska Aces has arguably taken him to the lowest point in his basketball career.The Blaze were trailing the Aces 80 -73 with 25 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter of the 2013 PBA Commisioner’s Cup game. Balkman missed a shot inside the paint then held on to Ace defender that rebounded the basket ball. Balkman walked towards…
    Written on Tuesday, 12 March 2013 09:07 in Featured 5885 comments Read 26580 times
  • #GirlPower Brittney Griner: Can a FEMALE be the best rising athlete of 2013?
    #GirlPower Brittney Griner: Can a FEMALE be the best rising athlete of 2013? There are few people who faithfully follow women’s sports, but there is no escaping a special young lady by the name of Brittney Griner; Baylor University’s 6-foot-8 center is on her way to becoming the most dominant player in the history of women’s basketball. After breaking a Big 12 single-game record by scoring 50 points in her final regular season home game, she had everyone in the sports world buzzing! Shortly after, during a game at West Virginia, Griner had her fifth triple double, including an impressive 10 blocks. With March Madness in progress, No. 1 Baylor is well on their way to another national title. Despite her humbleness and well-earned success, Brittney Griner is also one of the most criticized athletes simply because she is a woman. Defying the stereotype that women are not as athletic as men, Griner…
    Written on Saturday, 09 March 2013 14:19 in Featured 2521 comments Read 16111 times